Benefits of Hiring a Team Real Estate Agent vs. Solo Agent

Thinking of jumping into the crazy real estate market right now? Whether you are buying or selling, you really want to consider working with a strong real estate team, like the Vickie Landis Rentsel Team of Keller Williams Realty Group.

The National Association of Realtors® reports that 26% of Realtors® are a part of a real estate team, and many would consider becoming a part of one. We believe the team model helps us to better serve our clients, and that is what matters most! When working with the Real Estate Team, you’ll have at least two experienced agents working with you at all times. While a solo agents only has so many hours in one day to answer calls and respond to clients needs, our team has the ability to call on other members to help out if/when we aren’t immediately available. So you always have someone guiding you through your questions and concerns.

There are even more benefits to hiring a Team Real Estate Agent vs. an Individual Agent:

  • Has a Team of Agents Consistently Lead Generating Specifically to Find Qualified Buyers for Your Home
  • Has Agents and Administrative Staff that Work Together
  • More Agents = Multiple Databases to Spread the Word About Your Home
  • Can Easily Handle Multiple Transactions at Once
  • Offer Years of Combined Experience Between All Team Agents PLUS Administrative Staff
  • Can Leverage Team Resources to Execute a Complex Marketing Strategy
  • Can Be in Several Physical Locations at Once vs a Single Agent Who Can Only Be At Once Location at a Time
  • Can Quickly Respond to Multiple Inquiries From Prospective Buyers

Give us a call today to learn more about ALL the advantages you have working with a team versus a solo agent. Call today, we would love to chat with you! 267-733-0777 – be sure to ask for Shelby! Dedicated Realtor- Helping clients navigate their way through all aspects of buying, selling or investing in real estate.